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Infinity Business Centre is located on the 18th floor of Infinity Benchmark. It's the business nerve centre of Sector V and one of the premium office buildings of Kolkata with a view of a 1000 acre natural lake.

Surrounded by an illustrious neighbourhood, viz. Cognizant, TCS, WIPRO, IBM, PWC, etc.

Infinity Business Centre offers flexible seating options from a large corner office to a single seater cubicle - occupy it for minimum a day to a maximum of as long as you want !

Feel the magic of owning an office in the middle of city's business hub without making any capital outlay.

Use it for conferences, meetings, interviews, trainings, group discussions, sales meets or as your workstation - the choice is yours ! Just plug n play and make your cash register ringing from day one !

Infinity Benchmark is a green building that saves upto 40% of water and energy bills. Infinity Business Centre, the first ever green business centre in Eastern India saves even more.

And, if you’re really looking for the things mentioned above under one roof, then just walk into Infinity Business Centre on the 18th floor of Infinity Benchmark at Sector V, the IT hub of Kolkata ...
And leave the rest to us !
Why Infinity Business Centre?
  • Reduced cost
  • Increased flexibility
  • Room to grow
  • Professional support
  • Best business address in town
  • A place to do business
  • A partner that understands business
We have taken up three rooms in the Infinity Benchmark Business Centre a few months back and we have got very prompt and excellent services. The Business Centre is well maintained with an excellent ambiance. As a part of a green building the difference can be truly felt.
The Business work style well matches with our USV credo
▪ Challenge ▪ Commitment ▪ Customer orientation
▪ Collaboration ▪ Communication ▪ Cheerfulness
We are looking forward to a long association.
Dipendra Mitra
Zonal Admin Head, USV Ltd.
This facility is first class.The colour combination is pleasing to the eyes & the furniture is in style & comfortable.All over very pleasant experience & highly recommended.
Bernadette Kropman
Partner Prime Process Management Group,